About Us

The team at Mis Sold Car Finance have been involved in the motor and finance industry for over 35 years.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with car dealers both independant and franchised.

Mis Sold Car Finance is not a claims management company and are not approved or regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority. We do not charge for any information provided as this is done on a FREE basis.

Over the years we have helped 1000's of customers dealing direct with them, to resolve any issue they might have with the supplying dealer or finance companies.

Mis selling comes in so many different forms and is strictly controlled under the Financial Conduct Authority. In our experience, it is imperative to use someone of sound motortrade background to assist you as they understand the techniques used to sell vehicles and finance. They are experienced to calculate valuations + depreciation of vehicles etc. which is an important part when presenting information.

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